Estate Planning Checklist
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The Ultimate Estate Planning Guide

For your family, the period after your death will be an extremely difficult time. By creating an estate plan, you are doing everything within your power to help them through it. By following this checklist you can rest assured you are taking the necessary steps to look after yourself and your family towards the end…

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Review uk pension
This blog will explore 5 reasons why you should review your UK pension.

Lets explore the reasons why you should be reviewing your UK pension. Charges  Over the last 20 years, the UK pension industry has evolved massively. One of the most noticeable changes during that period has been a significant reduction in charging structures in modern pension schemes. By reviewing your current pension arrangements, you can calculate…

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How to create a retirement plan in 15 minutes

Retirement planning is something that everyone needs to do at some point. The earlier you can start the planning, the better your chances of achieving financial security for yourself and your family. To plan for retirement properly you will need to invest more than 15 minutes. However, this blog will outline the basic framework of…

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How saving early can improve your life

Making saving a habit In the early stages of your career money can often be rather scarce. Your monthly income just about covers your rent, food and a few small luxuries in the form of a daily Costa coffee. At this stage you are unlikely to be putting much if anything at all into your…

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5 tax friendly retirement destinations for expats

For many individual’s retirement is a growing concern. Questions like, will I have enough money to retire comfortably? Or where could I afford to live? Are commonplace. The cost of living has increased significantly over the last few years as the effects of inflation has eroded the real value of people’s savings. As such pensioners…

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Ten tips for moving back to the UK as an expat

There comes a point in the diary of most British expats on which they look to book their return ticket. For many, this date has been continuously pushed back, as the plan to spend one year overseas quickly turned into a much longer period. For others, the story is quite the opposite. Whether you have…

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