About Us

Credence International is a Financial Planning and Advisory Firm established to create a unique private client proposition. In a world where lifestyles, economies and technologies are constantly evolving, we were established to give our clients enhanced solutions in a simplified form. Our private clients benefit from our years of experience in Financial Advice and Planning.


Our structure allows us to offer private client’s investment propositions that were previously only available to highly affluent individuals. We can show our clients unique, exclusive opportunities and give ‘whole of the market’ advice. This gives us an impartial advantage. We are focused on quality, detail and transparency. We spend time understanding our clients’ needs and deliver beyond their expectations.

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Why us

We offer a unique and compelling experience to our expanding base of clients and partners. We have absolute focus in our business and in order for us to succeed, our clients must also succeed. We strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and align our interests with theirs. We keep in close communication throughout the relationship and provide an educational framework so they fully understand the financial decisions they make. This leads to positive outcomes and long fruitful relationships. We aim to assist customers to achieve exponential growth in wealth and this can only be achieved by offering a proposition that is concise and reliable.

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