September 20, 2018 Financial Planning
Financial Health Check – Checklist

Life and personal finances are heavily linked – they both change over time. Many key life milestones are also inseparable from related, financial milestones. Of course, the earlier you start to plan for these milestones, the more pressure you are taking off yourself to live financially secure in the future. That’s why its so important…

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The Need for Guardianship for your Children

For expats living in the UAE, knowing about guardianship and custody of your children is vital. To cover such a ‘what if’ situation means preparing for the loss of life in the family, and to ensure that the child will benefit the most in such a scenario. Guardianship rights are likely to be different to…

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August 15, 2018 Financial Planning
Protecting your Family Financially

Great financial planning means making sure your family is protected financially if the worst-case scenario happens. However, many people suffer in the long run from not having the right advice at the right time. Wealth management does not only involve ‘making money’ and creating investment portfolios – we need to cover the essentials first before…

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Ensuring Your Children Get the Best Start in Life

Nowadays, a university education is becoming more and more important for achieving a decent job. Often, the only way onto the career ladder is through a good degree, which is why it’s so important to use financial planning early and save up for your child’s university tuition, to give them that head-start in life. For…

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August 15, 2018 Uncategorized
Do You Need a Will in the UAE?

Non-Muslim expats living in the UAE are likely to have wills drafted in their home country, to distribute their assets accordingly if the worst comes to worst. However, it is so important to take account of the fact that in the UAE, these home-country wills may not apply to your UAE assets, while Sharia law…

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The fundamentals of Financial Planning

Good financial planning should be viewed as personal healthcare and maintenance checks or reviews, just like medicals, should be performed on a regular basis. It can get to a point where current investments may not be providing you with the goals that you set out to achieve. The following article will provide some information on…

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