Insuring against a ghost of a chance of disaster

  If you are worried about alien abduction or living with a poltergeist or ghost, there’s always the option of covering the risk with insurance. Most people know they can take a policy out to cover their life, sickness or unemployment. But few are aware that insurers will accept claims for outlandish claims providing the…

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SME Beyond Borders Dubai 2016

  Credence International are proud to have been a partner in the SME beyond borders event at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai last week. The event saw speakers from around the world come together and offer valuable insights into the SME and larger business community in the UAE. Credence can help SME’s and enterprises prosper…

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Types of Pension Plans
Cost of living is too much for pension savers

  Retirement savers do not have enough money to save into a pension after they have paid their monthly bills. A massive 93% of 45 to 54 year olds approaching retirement complained that they could not save any more or sometimes anything at all because they had too many bills. Just one in eight older…

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Types of Pension Plans
Tax man clobbers workers for too much pension saving

  Watch out if you save too much for retirement because the tax man is clobbering diligent investors. The lifetime allowance is the amount of cash anyone can save into a pension. The current limit is £1 million and the limit increases in line with the cost of living each year. Anyone breaking the saving…

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Types of Pension PlansInvestment
Is Investing In Property Really A Good Pension Plan?

  Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane has opened a debate on property v pensions with some controversial comments about investing. He argues that while Britain has a housing crisis with too few homes, prices will keep rising and outpace traditional pension investments such as shares and bonds. But looking at stellar price growth…

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Types of Pension Plans
Young savers expect too much from their retirement

  Savers are piling cash into their pensions but still have an unrealistic idea of the sort of retirement they can afford, says a new survey. Younger savers are managing to save £5,000 a year for a pension or as a deposit on a home of their own, says financial firm Scottish Widows. Three-quarters believe…

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