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Most of our clients are expatriates living in favourable tax positions, but this will not be the case for all of them in the future. We will always ensure that our clients are in the most favourable tax positions possible when returning to their homeland or their next overseas destination. We have links to many trust options and estate planning tools to ensure that your money remains where you want it. We are experts in forging long lasting relationships with expatriate clients and will know or find the right answers to ensure your financial planning puts you in the driving seat with your money. Our team of experts will guide on the following areas:


Management of our clients Assets through our various platforms and providers ensuring balance. With a variety of options to access a wide range of assets and can guide and assist clients to gain better access to markets, technology and advice on which assets to hold and when to dispose of them. We will continue to develop our proposition with world class partners and expertise in each selected service we offer.



Assessing financial milestones and prioritising to ensure efficient planning of major life events, such as retirement, higher education for children or exiting employment and starting out in business. Planning financial events can require thorough analysis and consideration and our advisors are trained to methodically analyse our clients circumstances to educate them on how to achieve all of their goals using the right products for the right events.



We provide theoretical and practical testing of risk tolerance for our expanding client base. We have access to various market leading, risk profiling tools which are subjective in relation to diverse targets and areas of financial planningfinancial advice and all relevant financial services dubai.



With years of experience and many clients already having benefitted from our broad experience in retirement planning options both off and offshore. Our team have experience with worldwide retirement planning options from diverse cultures, tax regimes and client types. Retirement provision is more important than ever and we are fully equipped to assist and serve our clients retirement planning needs.



Higher education fee funding can be expensive and very hard to pay back if borrowing is the route of funding. Providing our children with a comprehensive education can give them a great start in life. We understand the importance of education and the various costs involved for jurisdictions worldwide. We are experienced in providing the right sort of products and advice to ensure that education funding can be achieved as part of a financial plan.



For private clients and sme’s looking to plan for the most effective tax position we can use a range of products and providers to ensure our clients benefit from leading tax advice services.



With a vast array of strategic partners and access to a wide variety of SIPPS and QROPS solutions. We have a solution for clients looking to get the most out of their UK pensions. We have huge experience in this area and have worked with many different nationalities and types of pension arrangements. Through our experience and independence in this area we feel placed ideally to help any client find the right solution for them and their specific needs in this area.