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Ten tips for moving back to the UK as an expat

There comes a point in the diary of most British expats on which they look to book their return ticket. For many, this date has been continuously pushed back, as the plan to spend one year overseas quickly turned into a much longer period. For others, the story is quite the opposite. Whether you have…

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7 Things to Do If You Are Worried About a UK Recession

Talks of a potential recession in the UK have been rife for several months. Given the current political uncertainty, and the decline in the value of the pound over the past two and a half years, it is unsurprising that a number of Brits are concerned about what a potential recession would mean for them….

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Tax Guide for British Expats Returning to the UK

Many British expats often find themselves returning to the UK for a short period or indefinitely. Alongside several different elements to consider, it is essential that you plan for the costs that returning to the UK may incur. Complicated tax laws mean that your tax bills may be particularly high, especially if you have been…

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An Expat Guide to Moving to Dubai from the UK

With the popularity of Dubai steadily on the rise, more Brits are making the leap-of-faith and moving to the region. Although moving abroad can provide excitement and a drastic change in lifestyle, it can often be challenging, fraught with paperwork and overwhelming. However, if you prepare early and carefully consider all aspects of the move,…

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Why Expats Are Unable to Save Up While Living in Dubai

Saving and investing money is key to providing yourself with security in an unpredictable future. It can provide an emergency buffer, fund a large purchase such as a house, and can yield an income stream in retirement. It can also increase your peace of mind, assist you in becoming financially independent, and ensure that your…

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When should you start saving for retirement?

Quite simply, the answer to this question is ‘as early as possible’. Retirement for the younger generations is often regarded as something not worth thinking about. Young people feel invincible, they feel their 20s will never end. However, as we all know, everything eventually comes to an end at some point. This blog will be…

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