December 11, 2018 Financial Planning
Investing in ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and Index Tracking Funds

Investing in ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and Index Tracking Funds What is an ETF? Exchange traded funds, often known as ETF’s, are a special type of mutual fund that trade on an exchange in the same way that an equity does. They can provide small discounts to underlying net asset value in volatile markets. ETFs…

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Four Cognitive Biases That May be Affecting Your Portfolio

Being a successful investor takes a great deal of skill and knowledge. Hours of studying, insight and initiative are needed to be able to consistently make high (or better yet market-beating) returns on your savings. However, perhaps the most important aspect of all is to do with our psychology! Benjamin Graham, the ‘father’ of value…

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October 17, 2018 PensionsTax PlanningPension
Solving Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax, or the ‘death tax’, could be one of the most disliked taxes in the UK – no one wants their estate to be eroded away before it reaches their family. Currently, the tax-free threshold stands frozen at £325,000 for 2017-2021, or at £650,000 for couples. However, the steady rise in property prices over…

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Retiring Outside of Ireland with an Irish Pension

In 2018, research by Expatistan ranked Ireland as the country with the 7th highest cost of living in the world. It is for this reason that retirees that are under-funded – or even generously funded – seek out a lower cost of living by moving abroad. However, before moving abroad and drawing an income, it…

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September 27, 2018 Financial Planning
What is your Risk Appetite?

What is my Risk Appetite? We all have aspirations of making sky-high returns on investments. However, in practicality that may not be feasible. What should really be on investors’ minds is their respective risk appetites – what they are willing to invest given their financial situation and aspirations. Risk can come in many forms –…

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3 Things Every British/UK Expat Should Do with Their Finances in Dubai

Relocating from the UK to the UAE can be a fantastic life choice, as many expats prefer the vastly different lifestyle, not to mention the benefits of zero income tax to enjoy. However, it can be hard to realise what you need to do with your finances upon moving to a new country – becoming…

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