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5 Financial Mistakes Made by Expats During a Divorce

  Divorce is something rarely touched on when it comes to financial planning. But, with costly ‘grey divorces’ in adults over 50 almost doubling since the 90’s, it is something that must be discussed. Here are just a few of the main mistakes that expats commonly make when going through a divorce. Taking the House…

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Planning your exit strategy

  A CEO and founder of a successful business must see that business in a similar light to one of their own children. After pouring in their own blood, sweat and tears, that business must be just as close to their heart as their own flesh and blood. So, surely that founder would never want…

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5 Indicators Your Advisor Isn’t Taking Care of You

Your advisor doesn’t have to be the next Bernie Madoff to cause your finances to dwindle. From being unavailable, to charging unclear fees, here are some ‘red flags’ when it comes to financial advice. Lack of Transparency Being aware of how you are being charged for advice is essential. Financial advisors can work based on…

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Compounding Explained

When saving or investing, high rates of return are always attractive. However, there are subtle differences found in the small text that will have a profound impact on your future wealth. Certain aspects worth noting are the type of interest, and the period over which the interest is paid. The two types of interest are…

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Financial Understanding

Money matters too complicated for most adults While pensions, tax, and money matters are becoming ever more complicated, fewer ordinary people understand their finances. Research in the UK and the USA reveal that financial understanding is quite low and that providers and governments need to spend more money on education, rather than offering ever easier…

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Five Tips On Diversification From A Fund Manager

The key to a balanced investment portfolio during financial market volatility is diversifying assets, according to a new report. Most investors are rightly concerned about the swathes of red on stock market tickers wiping the value off their investments. But there’s no need to worry if investors have worked hard on their asset allocation to…

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