August 15, 2018 Uncategorized
Do You Need a Will in the UAE?

Non-Muslim expats living in the UAE are likely to have wills drafted in their home country, to distribute their assets accordingly if the worst comes to worst. However, it is so important to take account of the fact that in the UAE, these home-country wills may not apply to your UAE assets, while Sharia law…

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July 16, 2018 Uncategorized
How Do I Prevent Losing Money on my Savings?

In the post-2008, low interest rate environment that most of the developed world is experiencing, it can prove more of a challenge to maintain the value of your savings. While they are safe assets and widely used, deposit accounts or government bonds do not provide competitive returns and, in some cases, hold negative real interest…

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April 16, 2018 Uncategorized
How to transfer UK pension to an Australian super

Thinking about moving your UK pension to an Australian Super?  Here are some information points you should be considering. Why? Chance to spend retirement in Australia. Tax-free pension transfer. Tax-free paid-out benefits after 60. Flexibility in investments and drawdown. How? In 3 simple steps! Choose a QROPS. Consult a pension transfer service provider to help…

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February 12, 2018 Uncategorized
Are You Fully Aware of the Tax Implications on Your UK Pension?

Back in 2015, the government introduced the pension freedoms act. Research by Old Mutual has shown that in the first two months, a staggering £72.8m in tax was generated due to these freedoms. This is equivalent to an annual tax boost of nearly half a billion pounds, significantly higher than expected. It was originally feared…

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January 18, 2018 Uncategorized
Deficit Pension Schemes in the UK

Based on recent surveys on various pension schemes in the UK, a worrying trend is developing. This is the increase in deficits faced by some of the biggest companies in the UK in their Defined Benefit Pensions. Based on reports, this deficit skyrocketed to about £460 Billion as of September 2017. This figure, however, dropped…

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January 2, 2018 Uncategorized
Where Does Dubai’s Property Market Stand Globally?

It is safe to say that Dubai’s property market has had a slow three years. After a 3-year slump, with average property prices dropping 21 percent from November 2015 to April 2017, analysts believe that the market has bottomed out. Contributing heavily to the market’s position is the strength of the dollar. With the surge…

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