Asset Management

Four Cognitive Biases That May be Affecting Your Portfolio

Being a successful investor takes a great deal of skill and knowledge. Hours of studying, insight and initiative are needed to be able to consistently make high (or better yet market-beating) returns on your savings. However, perhaps the most important aspect of all is to do with our psychology! Benjamin Graham, the ‘father’ of value…

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Ensuring Your Children Get the Best Start in Life

Nowadays, a university education is becoming more and more important for achieving a decent job. Often, the only way onto the career ladder is through a good degree, which is why it’s so important to use financial planning early and save up for your child’s university tuition, to give them that head-start in life. For…

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The fundamentals of Financial Planning

Good financial planning should be viewed as personal healthcare and maintenance checks or reviews, just like medicals, should be performed on a regular basis. It can get to a point where current investments may not be providing you with the goals that you set out to achieve. The following article will provide some information on…

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How to make sure your wealth is passed on to your family

Often, HMRC becomes an additional beneficiary of your Will due to a lack of financial planning when organizing how your wealth is set up. For those with significant assets, this is an avoidable tax where your loved ones can be the true beneficiaries of your estate. Part of your estate can be passed on tax…

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corporate exit strategy
Planning your exit strategy

  A CEO and founder of a successful business must see that business in a similar light to one of their own children. After pouring in their own blood, sweat and tears, that business must be just as close to their heart as their own flesh and blood. So, surely that founder would never want…

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July 3, 2016 Asset Management
Asset Management the key of Economic Growth

  What actually the asset management is? And why the companies are offering asset management? What is its role in economic growth of a country? These questions are very important for a company to be answered. Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. The term is…

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