British expats don’t learn languages and chase the sun

  British expats are not an adventurous lot and like staying near home and can’t be bothered to learn a foreign language. Only one in four move for work, while almost two-thirds of expats leave Britain in search of better weather. Expat website Internations has just completed a survey that profiles the typical Brit abroad….

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Market Update
Gloomy expats downsize as financial woes impact

  Expats in the United Arab Emirates are turning away for high-end homes to find more affordable living space. A slump in property prices that is on the cusp of starting to bounce back to the highs of several years ago and concerns about the rising cost of living and job security are prompting home…

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Market Update
Weekly Market Update for 3rd October

Weekly Market Update for 3rd October Index     Week   Ytd Value   CR TR   CR TR FTSE 100 6899 -0.15% -0.14% 10.53% 14.14% S&P 500 USD 2168 0.17% 0.20% 6.08% 7.84% NASDAQ COMP USD 5312 0.12% 0.13% 6.08% 7.09% EURO STOXX 50 EUR 3002 -0.99% -0.94% -8.12% -5.66% NIKKEI 225 YEN 16450…

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Tax Planning
British Expats Should Pay UK Tax, Say Financial Experts

  Taxing British expats wherever they live in the world is the only way to stop tax avoidance scandals, financial experts claim. The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) wants British passport holders to pay income tax and capital gains tax to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regardless of where their home is located….

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Types of Pension Plans
Pension Funds Show Worst New Year Start For Years

  UK pension funds have turned in their worst performance in seven years, according to a new survey. Shockingly, less than a fifth of the country’s 5,921 registered pension funds posted growth in January 2016, with the average pension fund showing a loss of 2.5% – last surpassed in January 2009, when funds were 3.5%…

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Market Update
Weekly Market Update for 19th September

  Index     Week   Ytd Value   CR TR   CR TR FTSE 100 6710 -0.98% -0.98% 7.50% 11.00% S&P 500 USD 2139 0.53% 0.59% 4.66% 6.34% NASDAQ COMP USD 5245 2.31% 2.34% 4.74% 5.71% EURO STOXX 50 EUR 2935 -3.86% -3.86% -10.17% -7.85% NIKKEI 225 YEN 16519 -2.63% -2.63% -13.21% -12.27% HANG…

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