Types of Pension Plansexpats
Early retirement planning for UK expats

  The problem with saving for retirement is no one know how long they are likely to live or if they need to spend a huge slice of their wealth in funding long-term care costs if their health fails in later years. At best, all an expat can do is make some reasonable saving decisions…

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Market Update
Donald Trump confirmed as the next US President

Now that the dust has settled, Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the 2016 US Presidential election and is scheduled to be sworn in as President on 20 January 2017. Meanwhile, the Republican Party also secured a clean sweep of Congress, gaining majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate. This will potentially remove…

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Types of Pension Plans
Your £1m pension could be worth £21,000 a year

  Having a million pound pension sounds impressive – but few retirement savers realise what that really means as money to spend once they have given up work. The number is the lifetime allowance limit for the maximum any retirement saver can have in a pension fund. Financial firm Royal London have calculated that a…

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Market Update
Weekly Financial Market Update for 7th November

  Index     Week   Ytd Value   CR TR   CR TR FTSE 100 6693 -4.33% -4.28% 7.22% 11.05% S&P 500 USD 2085 -1.94% -1.89% 2.02% 3.88% NASDAQ COMP USD 5046 -2.77% -2.70% 0.78% 1.86% EURO STOXX 50 EUR 2955 -4.05% -4.04% -9.58% -7.06% NIKKEI 225 YEN 16905 -3.10% -3.09% -11.18% -9.58% HANG…

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Market UpdateTax Planning
Money transfer firms to tip off HMRC about transactions

  Expats switching cash from Britain offshore with money transfer services will soon have their transaction reported to the tax man. Under a new initiative, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) intends to demand any money service firm dealing with foreign currency exchange should report the details of the transaction. The aim is to stop expats…

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Market Update
Weekly Financial Market Update for 31st October

Weekly Market Update for 31st October Index     Week   Ytd Value   CR TR   CR TR FTSE 100 6996 -0.34% -0.30% 12.08% 16.02% S&P 500 USD 2126 -0.69% -0.67% 4.03% 5.88% NASDAQ COMP USD 5190 -1.28% -1.27% 3.65% 4.68% EURO STOXX 50 EUR 3079 0.05% 0.07% -5.76% -3.14% NIKKEI 225 YEN 17446…

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