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Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) is a service that provides individually tailored portfolios for our clients. It’s a service that is integral to financial planning for expatriates.

How it works

Firstly, a client will be allocated an investment manager. They will take the time to devise a strategy with the client based upon a number of factors; such as investment objectives and preferences – in particular appetite for risk.

After the objectives and a level of understanding has been reached, a bespoke portfolio is built. But it doesn’t simply end there. DPM is an active process, with the management aspect meaning that there may be opportunities which arise that must be taken advantage of quickly. A discretionary portfolio manager assumes complete control over the investment decisions, all targeted at achieving the returns necessary to meet the predetermined objectives.

The DPM format is one that will always act in the best interests of the client, and will follow the agreed guidelines for investment strategy, while also providing regular feedback and reviews.

Why choose Credence International?

We are trusted by hundreds of expats worldwide to make their investment decisions for them, and they benefit from the advantages we able to provide. We have a dedicated research philosophy, meaning that our team of investment managers are permanently linked to the latest developments and opportunities.

Our track record is second to none, cultivated from years of experience that makes Credence International one of the outstanding discretionary management choices in the region.

DPM Features

At Credence International, our Discretionary Portfolio Management encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including:

Bespoke approach – Individually tailored for specific requirements

Personal and direct relationship – The client and the investment manager work together towards the objectives, with a clear and direct line of communication.

Advanced reporting – Both in print and online, the analytical reports are permanently available to ensure the client is permanently updated.

Accountability – The investment manager takes on the full responsibility for the performance of the portfolio. The decisions are made based upon the pre-agreed approach, and it is this that dictates the investment manager’s decision making.

Unbiased – There are no constraints, no favouritism and no ties in the decisions we make or the way in which we operate. All decisions are made purely based upon what represents the best value and potential at the time.

The process

Our process for investment emanates from a framework that has been developed to fully utilise our expertise and our insight. Our investment managers and dedicated research team work in close quarters, each drawing on their extensive experience working within investments to help every single one of our clients reach their goals.

Our goal is to optimise potential returns, while sticking rigorously to the framework and strategy. We constantly perform market evaluations, and make recommendations which come courtesy of our analysts. It is based upon these that our investment decisions are made.

Our process is targeted at a long-term approach, enhanced by taking advantage of market anomalies and trends, as studied throughout years of working within the sector.

Due diligence

A full due diligence process is performed on every stock or fund before it is added to a client’s portfolio, and our investment committee – which includes, investment managers, market analysts and researchers – will thoroughly ensure the investment opportunity fits with the strategies of our client’s and our company before any decision is made.

At Credence International, I have implemented a long-term strategy that our investment managers are committed to. What this means, is that a client can enjoy working with the same investment manager long term, rather than being sent from pillar to post as is found with so many consultancies. Our team is committed to Credence International, and to our clients’ prosperity.

We leave no stone unturned as we strive to create a brighter future for those who entrust to us their Discretionary Portfolio Management.


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