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Corporate Services

At Credence International we offer services to corporate clients that value their workforce and want to retain them. Our range of corporate services help employees feel protected and cared for by employers which turn promotes positivity in the workplace and aids staff retention.


As a company dealing with high net worth clients we have helped many business owners with their exit strategy. With an in house team of chartered accountants and financial planners we can examine the accounts and help prepare a business for sale. We understand the emotions involved with the sale of a business and the time that has been invested so we can help to position any sale in our clients favor and then assist them with Investment of the proceeds from the sale. For details on selling a business


With the increase in size of workforces and remuneration to employees gratuities liability is increasing.  Studies have shown the total gratuity liability of employers in the GCC to be USD 17 billion, likely to increase to USD 75 billion by 2020.

The end of service gratuity payment (EoSG) is a one-off lump sum payment made by companies within the GCC region paid to employees upon leaving the company for which they worked for a period of one year or more. Each employee is entitled to 21 day’s wages for each year of the first five years of their employment. This rises to 30 day’s wages for each additional year on condition that the total of the gratuity shall not exceed two year’s salary.

A large number of companies do not set this money aside and in the small number of cases that money is set aside it is rarely invested. Companies therefore risk the fact that this money can have a sudden impact on cash-flow, which can put the company at risk. If an employer is to face financial difficulties, the employees’ gratuity payment could be at risk. This puts the employer’s reputation at risk and could harm their ability to recruit in the future.

At Credence International we can consult with employers to help them implement an effective gratuity strategy. We can show a range of options to move this money away from general cash-flow and we can implement gratuity plans that are Investment linked. With positive investment performance that can either be passed onto staff or used as a tool for the employer to reduce their liability. By implementing this system our corporate clients simplify their gratuity process and de risk their business.

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Studies have shown that employees prefer to work for companies that have an automated benefits package. Although in certain jurisdictions company savings structures are not compulsory having a system in place helps staff retention and the structure of employees reducing the chance of losing staff.

For the majority of expatriate staff there is not the same type of structure that they would be familiar with in their homeland. At Credence International we can examine a workforce structure and implement a group saving scheme that suits both the employer and employees.

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If companies have cash on their balance sheet that is not being used efficiently we can show ways to invest this money in tax efficient structures and in a growth environment. We can offer institutional products for institutional clients. With record low interest rates in the world today it is not efficient for cash to sit on the balance sheet. We can offer international solutions to corporate clients and make their businesses more efficient with increased profit.

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